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computer repair

Frequently asked questions

Doe you service Apples?

At this time O'Fallon Computers does not service Apple products. Please contact Andrew Bader with Computer Solutions.

Can you make a house calls?

We can yes! We do ask that you wear a face covering, and we will do the same. Please help us stop the spread of COIVID-19.

What are your business hours?

We are open seven days a week from 9:00 AM-8:00PM to help with your technology related needs.

Do you sell refurbished items?

At this time we do not sell refurbished laptops We do have some recommendations we can provide to you. Please contact us.
computer repair
O'Fallon Computers offers a wide variety computer repair services to the community! Please feel fee to contact us with your specific need today. open seven days week (636) 980-6472
Anthony was super nice. I contacted him today and he was able to set up a time later in the day. Unfortunately/ Fortunately when I arrived my laptop was working again. So I can't comment on quality of work, but he is helpful, responsive, and kind. He will be my first call if any issues come up later on. Thank You!

Tony was fantastic! We handed him a huge mess and when he was done, we were fully functional, trained and able to use our computer again! He was kind, clean cut, humble and fun to have in our home. We will keep his number for future needs as I am sure they will arise. Thank you!!!

Need Service?

We offer a wide variety of computer repair services. If you are looking for something specific please feel free to reach out.

computer repair