Apple Repair

At this time O’Fallon Computers does NOT offer Apple repair. We do have some suggestions on how you can move forward. Start the process by contacting Apple directly. 1-800 MY APPLE. When you call, try to have your serial or model number ready, this will help speed up the verification process. If you need help locating this information, check out this help article from Apple. If your computer is under a year old, this would be a good option. Your computer may be covered under the manufactures warranty, or you may be covered under “Apple Care” This is Apples warranty program.

If your computer is older and you are out of warranty, you still have some options. You can try to contact MAC HQ. They do not do a ton of repairs, but they may be able to offer you some direction. You can also try the Apple genius bar, think of the genius bar as the “help desk” for Apple. This would be a good option if you had something hardware related. There is a good chance your computer may need to be sent off to apple for repairs.

The last option would be to find an “Authorized Apple Retailer” in your area, they may be able to fix your computer on the spot unless of course you need a part. Apple is moving in a direction where they are using their own parts. If you need a part it may need to be ordered. Before you do any repairs, it’s a good practice to consider having your data backed up. Apple uses something called time machine to back up important information, you can also go to local Apple store to get help and support.

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