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Frequently Asked Questions

I spilled liquid on my device, now what?

Unfortunately often times when any type liquid spill occurs it is not a good situation.  Can we recover your important files?  The short is answer is yes, as long as the storage drive is not damaged – that being said, it can depend on a few more factors.  Please contact us to learn more!

Support for Windows 7 is coming to a close

O’Fallon Computers has you covered – the good news we are not anticipating anything to happen until Janruary of 2020.  You have some time between now and then.  We can upgrade your computer to Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10! We can assist you purchasing / setting a new system as well.

Can you recover information off an older PC?

Yes, w do have the tools to do this! in this situation it comes down to the condition of the hard drive itself, we never know the turnout until the end, this is something we do by a case-by-case basis (results can vary).

I dropped my laptop, can it be fixed?

Yes, your laptop can likely be fixed, but this will depend on what was damaged.  These repairs are difficult to estimate because the repair may require model-specific parts to complete – please contact us for assistance.

Does O’Fallon Computers make house calls?

We sure do! We understand that it can be easier for a technician to come to your location, we also offer business onsite services as well! If you have speciific need feel free to contact us so that we can better assist you!

I need to buy a new computer, can you help?

Yes, this is something we specialize in!  We offer a very unique service where we will take you shopping to help you navigate the process, we even come to your location and set EVERYTHING up for you! O’Fallon Computers makes getting a new computer easy!